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  • 4-28-1693

    Leibniz wrote to L'Hospital, announcing his discovery of determinants fifty years before Cramer, who was the real driving force in the development of determinants. Leibniz's work had little or no influence because it was not published until 1850 in his Mathematische Schriften.

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    Gottfried Leibniz
    Matrices and Determinants
    Gabriel Cramer
  • 4-28-1773

    Robert Woodhouse born in Norwich, England. He was interested in the "metaphysics of the calculus," including the proper theoretical foundations of calculus, the role of geometric and analytic methods, and the importance of notation.

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    Robert Woodhouse
  • 4-28-1817

    Gauss wrote to the astronomer H. W. M. Oblers, saying, "I am becoming more and more convinced that the necessity of our (Euclidean) geometry cannot be proved, at least not by human intellect nor for the human intellect."

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    Carl Friedrich Gauss
    Non-Euclidean Geometry